Pride Events during the Covid-19 pandemic

Pride events are events celebrating lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-gendered, non-conformist, and lesbian/gay social and cultural awareness. It is a global celebration of lesbian and gay rights. It is an event marking a difference – the pursuit of friendship, love, family, and community. The celebrations can take place in a range of locations, from the big city to the small town. Pride events during covid were very common in Europe in the past and still are. There are many types of pride celebrations that mark a difference. The main events that happen each year are marked by huge crowds of people that participate in rallies, parades, concerts, and other entertainment.

Admin in Pride April 7, 2021

The complex world of Human Sexuality

Sexuality is both a natural part of human life and a highly valued one. However, sexuality is a difficult issue to understand. Sexuality is the desire or urge to engage in sexual activity. Sexuality refers to people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical actions in regards to their sex lives. And just as there are different types of colors, there are different types of sexualities too. Sexuality encompasses a wide spectrum and is incredibly personal. It isn’t just something you go to when you decide that you’re “all about it”. Sexuality is an expression, a way of feeling about your own sexuality and how you relate to others. It’s about understanding your own sexual feelings and desires, not what happens when you see porno fran├žais sex videos.

Admin in Pride December 4, 2020

Standing up against anti-gay bullying: stories in Italy and Indiana

Today we recover the story of anti-gay bullying happenings, more specifically in Italy between the years of 2012 and 2013, who culminated in the tragic suicide of a 14-year-old boy in Rome on August of 2013, and more recently of an Indiana kid, who stood up against his bully in a viral video across twitter and other platforms on 2019.
Before heading up with these stories, let’s face it: gays should be free for example to decide whether they announce publicly that they are gay or not. Even if you saw of someone in a viral video porno, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to publicly bully or start with hate criminal activities against him.

Admin in Pride August 13, 2020